Artist’s Statement

When I built up my first installation with a dinner-related content as part of my final work form during the foundation-course at Central Saint Martin’s I wouldn’t have dreamt of turning this into such a gorgeous and transient series of events. Based on the cannibal-case of Rothenburg I developed a work in honour of Armin Meiwes, which didn’t have anything to do with the delicious meals I would serve years later. Back then I created a dinner table all laid out with small sculptures made of salt-dough, latex-objects and a table-cloth printed with genitalia.
Approximately five years later, doing my master in Berlin, I had the opportunity to interview the American performance artists Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens. The interview itself was in my opinion too shallow; therefore I invited my tutorial-group home for dinner and created a menu, which used motifs out of Sprinkle’s and Stephens’s work. The “glorifying” video was only presented in snippets in the restroom.
This was the foundation of the performance-dinners. This was followed by an evening in the gallery-space of a befriended Canadian artist for which I created the menu and which I partly cooked. The main work in the kitchen was done by the husband of a good friend, who is a professional chef. Therefore I could sit at the table with my guests and explain my motivations for the particular courses. The evening was all about my „muses“: female performance artists who inspired me. With this performance I also started writing my blog – unfortunately only in German.
Half a year passed by until the performance-dinners took on the shape for which they are now known in and around Giessen.

The context of my work lies between Daniel Spoerri (founder of the EAT ART movement) and the Thai artist Rirkrit Tiravanija, whom my mentor in Berlin had talked about to me. Tiravanija became well known for his Green Curry performances during the 90s, cooking together with the visitors in a gallery. Looking at both their works I wanted to use some of their thoughts and parts of the guerrilla-dining movement, but mainly I wanted to produce something new and more glamorous with very well made – and hopefully delicious – food.